About us

SPH Engineering - expert in drone technology development

providing UAV software solutions, integration services, and custom development to advance drone applications for surveying, data collection and processing, and entertainment.

Our products

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control

One of the world's leading flight-planning software for complex drone surveys.

Integrated Systems

The core technology - SkyHub enables the advanced integration of drones, diverse sensors, and the UgCS software, expanding the capabilities of geophysical, hydrographic, industrial, archeological surveying, and environmental monitoring.

Data Processing & Custom Development

Solutions for image, point cloud, geophysical data processing, and delivering essential technologies to facilitate your drone-based business.

Drone Show Technologies

Leading solution to manage drone light shows for entertainment and advertisement.
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SPH Engineering Academy

The mission of SPH Engineering Academy is to provide training programs in drone technology, focusing on integrating diverse airborne sensors (GPR, Echo Sounder, Magnetometer, etc.) and data processing software.

We are committed to offering a wide range of training formats, including e-learning, onsite, and online courses, tailored to the needs of various applications.

Our team of practicing instructors, with their rich academic and field experience, ensures that each participant gains hands-on expertise and a deep understanding of drone operations and data analysis. By offering certification upon completing our courses, we strive to equip participants with the confidence and independence needed to excel in their respective fields, making them leaders in utilizing drone technology for innovative solutions.
Out team

Meet our instructors

Jānis Jonins

 Lead trainer at SPH Engineering Academy
What attracts me to my profession is that complicated things appear to be simple once you have learned them. After one thing is learned there is always a new one complicated to understand. 

Artūrs Kālis

 Lead engineer and trainer at SPH Engineering Academy
Working in an innovative and fast-growing industry and being at the forefront of drone technology research and development is a great opportunity to grow professionally. 

Aleksejs Sjomins

Lead engineer and trainer at SPH Engineering Academy
 I have contributed to the R&D transformation of  SkyHub, taking part in the advancement of SPH's 3D printing process, and supporting the booming deliveries to clients around the world.

Dylan Owens

 Lead engineer and trainer at SPH Engineering Academy
Dylan is a U.S. Army veteran with four years of experience in a European Stryker Brigade Combat Team. He devoted 12 years to Public Safety following his military tenure, culminating as Central Texas's Unmanned Systems Program Administrator. He led a UAS and robotics program focused on forensic photogrammetry, crash reconstructions, and tactical operations there. In January 2024, he began his role at SPH Engineering as the North America Drone Engineer, overseeing demonstration flights, proofs of concept, and training initiatives.

Janis Karuss

Lead trainer at SPH Engineering Academy
Jānis, with a Ph.D. in Geology and over ten years in geophysics, serves as an Associate Professor at the University of Latvia, teaching geophysics, tectonics, and economic geology. His work focuses on applying geophysical methods in geology and conducting regular geophysical surveys for underground utility locations, geological exploration, and geotechnical investigations. Jānis combines academic expertise with practical fieldwork, contributing significantly to education and geological research.

Makar Lavish

 Engineer and trainer at SPH Engineering Academy
Makar is involved in the exciting world of drones, using them to create better maps and survey solutions. His work, enhanced by sensor integration, showcases his commitment to industrial innovation. With an eye on the future, Makar eagerly anticipates new advancements, embodying the spirit of progress in drone applications across various fields.

Eduards Agapitovs

Engineer and trainer at SPH Engineering Academy
After graduating in 1986 from the Riga Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers with a degree in Radio Electronics Engineering, Eduardas has amassed over three decades of experience as an Electronics and IT Engineer. Over the last 1.5 years, he has ventured into the dynamic and relatively new realm of the Drone Industry. This transition marks an inspirational journey, showcasing his adaptability and continuous pursuit of innovation in a fast-evolving field.
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